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Diamond Grinding Wheels For Circular Saw

Tungsten carbide circular saws are designed for cutting wood. The cutting effectiveness of a tungsten carbide circular saw is mostly determined by the geometry of the blade, the sharpness of the teeth, and the chip load per tooth. The process for manufacturing and maintaining the saw's optimum geometry, sharpness, and load is referred to as circular saw grinding.

Circular saw grinding consists of three distinct but inter-related processes:

Advantages of circular saw grinding

1. Maintains the uniform height and width of the teeth

2. Improves the blade's entry angle into the board, thereby enhancing the quality of the finish

3. Maintains straight tooth sides and sharp cutting corners

4. Optimizes the blade's circularity and concentricity

5. Reduces cutting time thereby consumes less energy

6. Sharper tooth sides produce better cuts

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