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Diamond and cbn abrasive grinding tools
Diamond and cbn abrasive grinding tools includes vitrified bonded diamond grinding tool, resin bonded diamond grinding tools, resin bonded cbn grinding tool, metal diamond grinding tools and Electroplating diamond grinding tools2020-04-222217

Diamond and cbn abrasive grinding tools are mainly made of diamond, cbn and other bonded abrasive tools.Due to the high price of diamond and cbn and good wear resistance, the consolidation abrasive tools made with them are different from the ordinary abrasive consolidation abrasive tools.

The superhard abrasive layer is a cutting part composed of superhard abrasive and bonded.The matrix, which is composed of metal, bakelite or ceramic materials, plays a supporting role in grinding.Commonly used bonded has resin, metal, electroplating metal and ceramics.

The manufacturing processes of consolidated abrasive tools include: distributing materials, mixing materials, forming, heat treatment, processing and inspection, etc.With the different bonded, the manufacturing process is not the same.Vitrified bonded diamond grinding tool mainly adopts the pressing method, after weighing the abrasive and bonded in proportion to the weight of the formula, it is placed in the mixing machine to mix evenly, put into the metal mold, and form the rough abrasive tool on the press machine.The blank is dried and then calcined in the kiln. The calcination temperature is generally about 1300℃.When the low melting point sintering bonded is used, the sintering temperature is less than 1000℃.According to the specified size and shape of the precise processing, the final inspection of the product.

Resin bonded diamond and cbn grinding tools are generally in the room temperature conditions in the press, there is also the use of heating conditions under the heating side of the pressure process.After forming, it is hardened in the hardening furnace.When phenolic resin was used as binding agent, the hardening temperature was 180 ~ 200℃.

The manufacturing processes of metal bonded diamond and cbn grinding tools are powder metallurgy and electroplating. Powder metallurgy USES bronze as the bonding agent, after mixing, the powder is formed by hot pressing or pressing at room temperature, and then sintered.In the electroplating method, nickel or nickel-cobalt alloy is used as the electroplating metal.