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How to choose the resin diamond grinding wheels
​Resin bond diamond grinding wheels are widely used to process high hardness materials, such as ceramics, gems, carbide, magnetic materials ect. 2020-04-171147

Resin bond diamond grinding wheels are widely used to process high hardness materials, such as ceramics, gems, carbide, magnetic materials ect. We should pay attention to following points when we choose resin diamond grinding wheel.

We should pay attention to the matching performance among abrasives, bond and workpieces. The performance of the abrasive tool depends on the matching performance of the abrasive, bond and the workpiece. For particular processing object, the choice of bond formulation is especially critical after the abrasive is confirmed. The resin diamond wheel has the characteristics of good self-sharpness, not easy to block and high grinding efficiency. The workpieces after processing have the characteristics of low surface roughness value, low grinding temperature and easy trimming. There, resin diamond wheel is widely used in tools grinding industry.

In general, the lower the particle size should be fine if the required surface roughness value is low. During the machining process, the grit size should be confirmed according to actual grinding allowance. When the grit size of the grinding wheel is less than W20, there will be high requirements on the cleaning degree of the grinding environment. It’ll prevent the surface roughness Ra of the workpiece from being affected by process pollution.

Concentration means the content of diamond or CBN per unit volume of the working layer of the grinding wheel. In general, the concentration of the resin bond grinding wheel is from 75 to 100. If the concentration is increased, it will be meaningless because the resin bond itself has weak holding force.

Grinding systems include grinder equipment, grinding wheels, process parameters, etc. The rigid suspension measures of the grinding machine spindle, the intrinsic performance of the grinding wheel, the balance, and the machining accuracy have an influence on the selection of the grinding parameters. Grinding parameters include grinding speed, feed amount, etc.

The purpose of using the grinding fluid is mainly to quickly derive the grinding heat generated during the grinding process and to wash away the grinding debris in time. There are many varieties of grinding fluids, which should be reasonably selected according to the type of workpiece materials and processing characteristics.

Resin diamond grinding wheels cannot be trimmed with diamond single point pen. Because this type of grinding wheel has good self-sharpness and generally does not need to be trimmed, it must be trimmed with soft steel plate as a workpiece, and then the workpiece is edged with a silicon carbide grinding wheel.