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  • WNGN Solid CBN inserts
  • WNMN Solid CBN inserts
  • WNMN Solid CBN inserts
  • WNMN Solid CBN inserts

WNGN Solid CBN inserts

WNGN Solid CBN inserts main size are wnmn080404, wnmn080408, wnmn080412, wnmn080420

  • Alias: WNMN Solid CBN inserts

  • Tyle: wnmn080404, wnmn080408, wnmn080412, wnmn080420

  • Delivery time: 3-12 days

  • E-mail:

  • Whatsapp: +86 17329325308

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WNGN solid cbn inserts is also called WNMN solid Pcbn inserts are made of cubic boron nitride powder with high wear resistance, high processing accuracy and long life. WNMN Solid cbn inserts are used for a variety of applications, such as hardened steel, ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, powder metal, and as working parts for automotive brake discs, aircraft jet engines, rollers, bearings, and pumps.

WNGN Solid CBN inserts
The standard edge of wnmn solid cbn inserts is T01020, T01020, S01020, S02020
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