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SCGW PCBN braze inserts
  • SCGW PCBN braze inserts

SCGW PCBN braze inserts

SCGW PCBN braze inserts have 4 tips main size are SCGW09T304, SCGW09T308, SCGW09T312

  • Alias: SCGW CBN inserts

  • SCGW09T304, SCGW09T308, SCGW09T312

  • MOQ: 5pcs

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  • Product Description

SCGW PCBN brazing inserts user vacuum welding solid CBN tip, with high welding strength, high wear resistance, can withstand large cutting force suitable for machining conditions <3mm cutting depth.Due to the use of integrated welding technology, both sides of the teeth can be processed, increase the cutting edge, improve the utilization of the SCGW PCBN inserts.

SCGW PCBN brazing inserts

The standard edge of SCGW pcbn inserts is T01020, T01020, S01020, S02020
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