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Resin Bond Centerless diamond grinding wheels

Resin Bond Centerless diamond grinding wheels

Features: Good self-sharpening, high efficiency, high wear resistance and Long life


Thickness: X=5~10mm

Size: D=125~600mm

Grit: 80# ~ 3500#

Alias: Centerless grinding wheel, 6A1 Grinding Wheel
Application: Grinding Tungsten Carbide, Ceramics

The resin bond superabrasive grinding wheels have the features of good self-sharpening, sharp cutting, high efficiency, low roughness of work piece surface, few heat generating and without burning work piece. They are suitable for high efficiency and precision grinding of most workpieces.

ZTsuperhard is able to provide resin bond diamond and cbn grinding wheels according to the standard GB/T6409.2-1996. The diameter range is 20~700mm; the thickness range is 1.0~300 mm; the grit size range is 80#~6000#. We can also design and make nonstandard grinding wheels according to customer's requirement.


Resin Bond Diamond Centerless Grinding Wheels Mainly used for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics, magnetic material, stainless steel bar, PCD and PCBN composities.

Main features:

1、Efficient batch external grinding

2、High roundness and cylindricity of workpiece and good consistency of dimension

3、Good surface finish after fine grinding

4、Used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding

Specification of centerless grinding wheels(mm)

TyleModelUniversal specs
1A11A1 diamond centerless grinding wheel
6A1 diamond centerless grinding wheel
9A1 centerless diamond grinding wheels
20075505, 10
3051201505, 10
6A13501271255, 10
4002031505, 10
9A1455228.62055, 10
500127125, 150, 2005, 10
600305200, 400, 60010

Other specification can be made according to customers requirements. Email:

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